Welcome to my new blog! I’m hoping to share glimpses into sessions I photograph throughout the year as well as my gorgeous wedding couples. These posts will serve as a way to see more images than just the few previews I see. I can’t wait to share so many pretties with you xoxo

For my first post, I wanted to share why I am a photographer : what drives me. When I was a child, I desperately wanted my own camera. My parents graciously bought me a plastic film camera. My eight year old self took endless pictures of my little sister and our multitude of stuffed animals. I am amazed that my parents continued to buy me roll after roll of film throughout the years as well as develop all of those out of focus and strange angled images of my stuffed animal Simba or of my sister’s eyeball. I’m forever grateful, though, for the continued support of this hobby as it quickly molded into a passion of mine.

By high school, I was always the friend who carried that boxy point and shoot with them to every single gathering or event. I would make my friends pose for group picture after picture. I would also endlessly document all of our geeky doings (marching band & drama nerds). I enjoyed having the chance to look back on these pictures and remember how much fun we had. What’s more is that I loved the feeling of spreading joy among my friends. They would laugh at the pictures or even be so happy to have an everlasting memory. By the time I entered college, I didn’t want to give up my love of creating images. I continued to take courses in photography as well as explore other creative avenues through drawing and painting. Before I was out of college, I knew I needed to incorporate photography in my life. I would stage sessions with my friends just to practice. I was given the opportunity to photograph a wedding and the rest is history.

I love to photograph love. Love between friends, family, couples…all types of love. It doesn’t help that I am a complete helpless romantic. I tear up at the cheesiest Hallmark movies and even The Fox and the Hound (because come on love between animals!). I adore photographing the emotion of love as it brings me so much happiness and purpose to share with my clients a way to forever capture their love at all stages of life. Love makes us happy. Love tells a story. Love makes us forget our worries and provide reassurance that everything will indeed be all right. Love is a way to mark our time on Earth. Love creates love. Love unites us all. Photography is my way of sharing love with the world.