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Kelly Payeur

As a hopeless romantic, I adore hearing all about my clients’ love stories (from that dreamy point in time you met and through all the moments that bring you here to me). I want to capture your laughter and happiness on the best day of your life! I believe in real moments and chasing sunsets - in the kinds of images that remind you of the joy that can be found in the simplest of moments together.

My love for photography has brought me everywhere from the canyons of the midwest to the wildflower fields of Connemara. Regardless of where I travel, the rocky cliffs and idyllic streets of a small seaside town in Maine will always be my home. I live for the small moments that I share with my husband and our critters everyday.

I suffer from wanderlust on a daily basis. My husband and I have a corkboard world map in our living room that is filled with push pins marking all of the places we've been. We want to keep filling our map up, so we are always down to go on an adventure with you!

I also have a print shop with images I've taken on my own adventures. Go check it out below!

The Adventure continues

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Meet the furry crew

This page would not be complete without a nod to my critters. Indiana Jones and Tesseract are our original fur kids. Tessa is a spitfire that keeps us on our toes - at 3 AM. Indy was a 18 year old grumpy man cat that surfaced just for cookies, but he recently crossed the rainbow bridge.

Cassiopeia is my little baby. She is a pandemic dog and foster fail. We started fostering her in December of 2020 and she quickly turned into our forever pup. If we can, we love to bring her to portrait sessions to say hey to you and she loves to give kisses. She has Yoda like ears (basset hound genes) and can be a bit sassy (it's the husky in her).

Meet Ben

At most portrait sessions, you might see this tall guy following me around and striking up conversations with everyone he meets. That would be my husband, Ben. He's the extrovert to my very introverted introvert. He usually comes with me to carry bags and cell phones, small dogs in purses, and offer enthusiastic cheerleading services! Ben and I have been together since the Paleolithic times of 2008 and got married in 2015. In my humble opinion, he's a pretty cool guy. 

He also happens to be an amazing cat and dog dad, travel buddy, husband, and girl dad! 

Assistant Extraordinaire 

Introducing my Babies

Meet Odette

This little beauty is my daughter and most likely my favorite person in the whole world (sorry Ben)! She was born in December and is quite literally our little miracle. She's full of smiles and a bit of sass. She has already attended her first wedding as my sidekick and crushed it. Be prepared for her to photobomb my social media accounts and attend a portrait or session or two. 

Her current favorite activities are taking long naps on me, avidly watching her fur siblings, and trying to grab everything in sight. She also has a better wardrobe than anyone I know and loves to show them off!

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always tea


italy - - swoon

01. Coffee or tea?

02. guilty pleasure

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04. Current binge

03. Current wanderlust

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05. favorite book

06. place to shop

saving critters

08. super power

07. hogwarts house


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