I’m so thrilled to share the first blog post of the 2019 year featuring one of my favorite families. Every year, I photograph the Murtagh family in the fall and it’s be so wonderful being able to watch their family grow! This past October, on a warm sunny evening, Erin and Aaron (how cute, right?!) brought a lot of energy and fun in the form of Tommy, Maddox and Piper the dog to Wolfe’s Neck Farm in Freeport. Maddox was brand new to their adorable family and was loving all of the snuggles he was getting during our time together. He is one of the calmest little guys I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. He was totally content watching Tommy & Piper leaping around him.

Tommy was interested in running around and then discovered how magical it was to leap off of the picnic tables into his dad’s waiting arms. We watched him do this so many times until he had finally determined that he had nailed the perfect leap! His sweet smiles and adventurous spirit were so much fun to witness.

Before the end of our session, we took a quick trip right down to the rocky beach at the farm. It’s one of my favorite spots to come to as the sun starts to set. The light is always so dreamy here and the kiddos love being able to explore all of the rocks, seashells and even seaweed that wash up on the shore. I can’t wait to be able to photograph them and watch their family continue to grow! Thank you for allowing me to capture your memories every year xoxo