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Have I ever mentioned how much I love photographing proposals? Well, it’s probably one of my most favorite things to capture as they tend to be a surprise. Take these two adorable humans, for example. Brandon reached out to me in October of 2020 as he was going to be taking his girlfriend, Mikela, on a long weekend trip to Portland, Maine. While there, he wanted to surprise her with a proposal!

Brandon wanted a backdrop that was quintessentially Maine and you can’t get much more classic “Maine” than Portland Head Light. It’s definitely one of the most dramatic vistas and I’m always here for a beautiful landscape. Being that this was October on the coast of Maine, we were totally prepared for some cooler weather, but Mother Nature decided to throw a curveball and add some SUPER chilly temperatures and a healthy amount of wind to make it the coldest day of the fall.

I am in no way an actress, but Brandon asked if I could set up the proposal scene so that I would stop these two while they were strolling through the park near the lighthouse and ask to take their picture. My backstory was that I was a photographer waiting for my clients and needed to test the light on another human *wink*. When I approached them about this, Brandon was all about it, but Mikela, not in on the charade, was a little more wary (see the first image below).

Brandon was SO fast and immediately dropped down on one knee before I had really positioned Mikela and the rest is history. Her reaction was literally the best! She said YES!! Guys, they were literally the cutest couple ever as we briskly walked around the area snapping some of the most adorable portraits ever. I’m so, so honored that Brandon asked me to capture this moment for them. Congratulations you guys!

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